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Beryl McCormack – Musical Artist Artist and The Voice UK 2020 finalist.

My first 6 months being LivingStone Nxtion I have noticed growth in vocal technique especially in breathing and sustaining longer notes. I have also been challenged in learning harmonies & pushing my vocal ability to not be afraid of hitting notes & understanding how to sing in sync with members. The vocal warm-ups before rehearsal have helped me to understand my voice more. For example, I learnt about something called your ‘larynx’ also called your voice box & knowing when your voice switches from singing from your diaphragm/stomach, into falsetto (your head voice). With every rehearsal we have, each technique we have learned has helped all members in vocal range, diction, posture & performance skills. She’s the best vocal coach ever!

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Armstrong Martins – Musical Artist and X Factor 2018 Finalist 

Gifty is amazing. She knew how to work with me in improving my technique. I would say I'm a great singer but singer better because of her coaching.

Gifty Louise:  Musical Artist  & X Factor 2016 Finalist

I can sing, there's no doubt about it. But gearing up towards my soon coming releases. I realised that I had to adopt the basics in to my singing again. Like most singers, we give our all in the performance and then lose our voices. But Gifty broke it down in easy steps so i can sing safely and with confidence as I push on in my music career. I don't know what I would've done without her.


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