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5 Ways To Breathe Better When Singing

Singing out of breath in front of a crowd is a terrible experience. Good news! There are effective and recommended ways to breathe better when singing. Some of them are highlighted below:

Proper Posture

Proper posture provides many possibilities. It improves the sound of your voice, enhances the efficiency of your breathing, and more.

A good posture creates enough space in the chest area. As a result, the lungs will easily expand. For this reason, you can hold notes within a long period of time.

Right posture can release tension and improve airflow thru vocal cords, enabling singers to execute phrasing.

Breathe from the Diaphragm

Breathing from the diaphragm is a skill that every singer should learn at a young age. Singing from this large muscle sheath lets you breathe deeply. Also, you will have tighter control of the air. This air provides enough support to your singing voice.

Warm Up

Before athletes play their sports, they conduct some stretching techniques to avoid any serious injury or muscle strain. Singing is the same thing. Without vocal warm-ups, your voice is likely to break. Proper vocal exercise reduces any risk. It does not only improve the firmness of muscles, but it also removes excess mucous. But wait, there’s more. It keeps your voice in perfect condition, and your breathing muscles will be stronger and more efficient. You can reach low and high notes without some trouble.

Hissing Exercise

What’s the best way to slow your breathing down? A hissing exercise should be a number one priority. To do that, breathe in thru your nose. Then, grit your teeth when exhaling. You would hear a hissing sound throughout the exercise.

Do the vocal exercise while lying down, sitting, and standing. Which is best? Identify your needs in advance to make your selection stress-free.

Breath Management

Have you been trying to release air in a controlled manner without a good result? If yes, learning a breath management can help in the long run. Avoid singing louder as it will strain your voice. It is also important to ignore croaky sounds. Plus, never yell any sound and be yourself. Don’t imitate somebody else. You’re unique in your own way, remember!

Why is Proper Breathing Critical to Your Singing?

It provides volume level and sound quality - Without enough amount of airflow thru vocal folds, you cannot produce any sound.

It allows you to have more control of your voice - Any breathing exercises enable you to explore a wider range of notes.

It leads to a sustained singing stamina - You can sing in a concert for hours without straining your voice.

It makes you ready to execute advanced signing - You can perform tremolos and vibratos.

Overall, regular and proper practice of any breathing exercise is key to your success as a singer. Whether you sing out of breath or are unable to hit a note perfectly, practice your craft. Furthermore, engage in singing sessions to unleash your hidden potential. Also, be sure to go out of your comfort zone. You could try different genres, too.

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