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SYC FAQ & Terms & Conditions

Here’s are some cool answers to the most common questions!


What happens in the beginning?

You will book your first 20mins free consultation. We want you to get the most out of this experience it’s important that we assess your strengths and developing areas so that we can create a plan for you to reach your goals and add to your confidence and performance. After that you and your coach will have a clear understanding of what areas need developed and set goals on what you’d like to achieve in your coaching sessions.


So in the coaching session, what happens?

You’ll have a designated coach to work with you to help keep you on track and encourage you towards your goals of improving you vocal performance. Any questions, your vocal coach is an email away.


Can I do online lessons from home?

Sure! Lots we’re available to work with you via Skype or Facetime. You can do this from the comfort of your home or a space that you won’t be disturbed. It’s a new innovative way to receive vocal coaching and lots of your favorite music artists and professionals do it all the time cause of their busy schedules. So you can too! Note: we do not send coaches to vocal train at your home.


How long are the sessions and how regular will I need them?

Usually it’s 1.5 hours online and we recommend that you do a bulk purchase and schedule at a minimum one weekly sessions. The important thing is to remain consistent so that you can experience and enjoy your developments and your results faster.


How many sessions should I book?

The more you can comfortable book the better. We’ve got flexible options for you that you can choose from.



We advise you being in agreement with our terms and conditions before payment. Payment will counts as you agreeing to our terms and conditions of service.

•   Lessons typically last a maximum of 1.5 hour online and 1hr in the studio. You can schedule in longer lessons should you wish to.

•    Refunds are not available once paid.

•    Should you wish for lessons to be held elsewhere, this may be arranged at an extra charge.

•    Payment will be taken to confirm/book your lesson.

•    There won't be recouped time for late arrivals we're afraid. Do plan your journey in advance so that you can arrive to your session on time.

•    Lesson cancellations and reschedule requests must be notified 48hours in writing before the most recently confirmed scheduled lesson, or you will forfeit the fee of your lesson without further notification.

•    Lessons are to be used 3 months of purchase or payment will be lost.

The more you practice the better the results!

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